Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Here's hoping your 2009
proves to be much more fine
then 2008
glad it's of late
but hope in 2009 I can host
you at my site to read my posts
and you find them written with hilarity
and my resolve: to write with regularity!
love, jme

CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING AND,sad but true, new years video made by:
filmstrip international
with images from our news stories
with music from Jim's Big Ego, a song originally written for NPR for 2001:
New Lang Syne (Thank God It's Over)

just in case my tiny URL does not work

HERE'S A TOAST THAT 2009 Brings us hope
and new prosperity, and human rights, to the world

TO 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I must be nuts I took so much time to leave a comment all in RHYME

I was on Twitter and I had signed up to be a part of a tweettogether of Moms. The leader was the owner and founder of a chain of cleaning services across the UK. There was a post about picking or writing catchy slogans, and the blogger asked anyone with any good ideas she could use to please leave a comment... well of course instead of doing 150 things on my list... I was glad to think up a few such as:
"Leave your dust...To Us!"
and the brilliant:
"Letting us clean your grime
Gives you more precious time"
Well, once I started I could not stop,
My mind was working overtime
To churn out rhyme after rhyme
Watch them pop,
It seemed my mind was stuck in some kind of fogger
Maybe all the time recently spent reading Dragonblogger,
It was not the most well written or intellectual of my articles
Here it is though certainly inspired by my breathing millions of dust particles:
"Just a few thoughts written in haste
They may be helpful or a waste
Just stopped by from Twitter and I
Writing from Arizona I wouldn't tell a lie.
Lived in the UK, London , in the past,
That I can talk to you now, what a blast!
This amazing Internet let's me post while you're asleep in bed,
Is utterly fantastic, but so wild it messes with my head!
To bad my huge dirty house can not find a way
To be sent right to you, but that cost I could not pay,
Sigh, it's such a gross, disgusting mess,
I almost wish I was houseless,
If I told you who lives within these walls,
Despite the huge job even you'd ignore my calls.
It's quite a lot to clean up after the dirt, poop and pee,
From 5 dogs, 12 cats, my child, hubby and me!

OK, if you are still there.. leave me a comment please
I beg you help me stop this rhyming I'm on my knees!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thoughts on The Blog and The Beautiful

The peacock is so beautiful.  I think he knows it too.  This one was following me at the Bronx Zoo.  Then a bunch of people started following him following me.  It was weird.  I just kept stopping to put my hand down and he would peck at it.  I started doing this because I assumed he was following me because he thought that I had something to feed him and he was obviously used to seeing a human as a snack machine.  So, I thought, if I put my hand down and let him peck at it and see that there was nothing in it, he would lose interest and stop following me.  He followed me for a good 20 minutes across almost the entire zoo.  Every few minutes I stopped, he pecked on my empty hand, and we took off again.   I was embarrassed because every time we stopped someone else followed him.  The zoo was not too crowded on this wintry November, donation Wed.  But still, after a half an hour or so, there were about 20 assorted grown ups and kids following me.  Most of them were tourists that did not speak English.  I tried in pigeon (oops, Peacock?) German, Polish, French and Spanish to say "I do not have any food for him".  Two boys in their tweens did speak Spanish and they smiled at me and nodded and kept following me.  I wanted to take a picture of everyone following me, but I was too embarrassed.  I guess the Peacock thought I was beautiful, even if I did not know how to cook.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Jasper

You are an angel now.
A Kittizen of Heaven.......
Do you remember your song?
Jasper, Jasper (sung to the tune of "Inchworm")
Jaspering the Jaspering,
Jaspering the Jaspering,
How beautiful you are!

your person love(s)(ed)
you to all eternity.  
She may feel bereft and bombarded with this life's cruelty,
Karmic reports of my own near death allowed me to see what is important.  
Also the unseen in this dimension, those that wait for us.  Those that share our journey close again.  Love flows from now until then before and after.  You are now part of the two and four-legged, side by side, waiting for us.  Sweet, strong beautiful Jasper.  Your antics delighted, your intelligence unnerving, your gaze over steady.  Too intelligent to fit into that simple pet category, rather a true friend beyond the species limit.  Love to you, Love to Georgia,Love to the later when we will all be present for each other.  The love remains.

To my dear friend Georgia Ross continued

So, I finally called you.  Dear Georgia your phone was disconnected. I sent a positive prayer to you, and called the mobile number.  You told me your house burned in a fire on Thanksgiving day and you lost your cats.  You had not yet recovered from Katrina, the Hurticane.  You are an artiste extraordinaire and since 1989 you have worked on each and every corner of that house.  Every where you looked a beautiful composition delighted the eye; a picture just so above an antique bench and a vase on the floor; everywhere in that house, each element carefully chosen to complete the aesthetic.  It all appeared casual, but it was clear to me an artist touch was everywhere, each vision like a beautiful still life; super real and whimsical just like your own paintings.  And much of it now gone. You said you were putting one foot in front of the other and doing what you needed to do.  I am so proud of you; honored to be your friend.  You are a strong woman; maybe the strongest I know.  You are resolute, firm in your faith you walk your walk and talk the talk.  No Lip service; you are seeing this through with strict faith in your beliefs.  I admire you.

To my dear friend Georgia Ross

To my dear friend Georgia Ross,

You are my hero today.  I had a nightmare about you drowning for a few nights.  I was afraid to call you.  I called Steve and was troubled to find out the Community Center of St Bernard was going to be closed uring the week we were coming to volunteer.  I was also mystified, What were Adriana and Tom and I going to do without the option of showing up every day at the Center and just doing what needed to be done there?  My mental picture of this return trip was somehow wrong.  Adriana would not be able again to bring Art Supplies and have big glitter glue and Origami sessions with the kids of the Parish while their Moms or Dads applied for food stamps.  I told Steve we would find another place to volunteer as there is no shortage of need.  He said he had to cook at Camp Hope on the weekends, and to make sure we would be there by the 21st so we could help with his big Parish dinner and Adriana could play Santa and help hand out presents for the kids,  I wondered what God had in mind for us this time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

time to commit

ok today is the day I commit to writing EVERY day to get that book started because afterall, it will not get done sitting in my head. thanks to all on twitter who helped inspire me to get my proverbial (and otherwise) bum-bum as my daughter says writing, I will work on thins an hour and work on the storeies/novel an hour headache or not....thanks for all the twitterers help and inspiration jme

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Perspectives on Election and Life after NYC

It has been almost 2 weeks since coming home from NYC

I had the wonderful opportunity to learn the NADA(National Acupuncture Detoxification Assoc) acupuncture protocol and treat the patients for my internship at the Lincoln Recovery Center in the South Bronx. I was on the one hand so afraid to go alone daily on the subway and commit to being there at 7:30am daily, and fear that I would always regret it if I did not go. I felt just like I did when I was compelled to take Adriana, my 9 year old daughter and run away from home this summer, most noticeably to New Orleans and a 5000 mile odyssey across the country on I -10.)

The biggest and most amazing surprise about this adventure was the perspective I had on treating the clients at the LRC and the effect on my perspective from being in NYC for THE election. I am sorry for all the typos, I am in so much of a hurry because I am so afraid I will forget what I want to say....just like what drives my interrupting and feeling of desperation in conversation: defiantly a topic for a future entry especially with implications of narcissism and forgot word ?fw egotistic meaning think what I have to say is more important then listening to why is going on...and observations of mother And sisters like myself behavior lessons also in NYC)

I wore my pop art Hope button with the Andy-Warhol like image of Barack Obama in print-like red and blue on black background. This badge of political statement I only found on sale in Union Square where I took the subway every day.

Oh, sorry again for SOC ( stream of consciousness) but I also want to remember to write about poss beginning of novel and explore places to submit short stories series on way to semi auto book and what was cute term I read recently for semi-autobiographical novel. Sure would never call anything "Non Fiction" after what happened to the guy that wrote A Thousand(?) Million(?) little pieces Oops gotta go, how awful to just post an outline of what I want to say... Sorry!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I remembered a lesson I learned at my daughter's birth: Love is multiplied; not divided. Thanks J, hope you have a great time this weekend and thanks for reminding me of this. Love you 2 jmexxx

true doublethink

i have noticed a really strange but true behavior pattern i can not stand. I have had some really bad confrontaions with my sister or husband or daughter. after the fight starts, instead of countering my statements and proving me wrong they attack by throwing my words back at me. if I said for example "stop talking back to me and go clean your room" to my daughter she would say "i am not talking back to you!". Or i told my sister i could not take her somewhere for sure and she said something like "tell me when you can take me or I will take a cab!" I said "it is not safe going to the store alone, stop threatening me". And she would say "i'm not threatening you! So the main point i am argueing about never even gets discussed! ( or rarely). Instead I wouldput myself on the victim role and be such an EXCELLENT martyr and allow my personal buttons to be pushed. It makes me more nuts then even I can deal with.

Another behaviour I can not stand is when someone wields that double edged sword : like a mother I saw once in a big store. she was slapping her child and saying "I TOLD YOU (slap) NOT TO HIT". Everyone in my family at times is really like this without realizing it, and in none of these criticisms am I exempt! But it is almost as I have been stereotyped as the one who interrupts , repeats myself, and yells. HELLO! My sister asked me not to lash out as some kind of pre-condition when i went to LA to help her. Then she spends a lot of the time lashing out at me. .... i know that she and other sis and brother and ME do not see their faces our hear their or our tone. It is so far removed from loving attitudes. i wish I could tape such an interaction or video it and let them watch it . The whole time I was in LA I was anxious like I was about to get yelled at or in trouble. it was quite ironic and I kept trying to talk about it. My sister was the only one in my family I could be honest and healthy with telling her my emotions and reactions honestly. This time it was like all the previous growth never happened. I am not innocent, but I sure see myself clearly now!

like alcohol to an alcoholic

A true friendship is just like alcohol to the alcoholic. It dosen't matter how long it has been, you take off just where you left.

more on politics..election, opinions

Am i the only one?

Am i the only one who cares that Sarah Palin is so close to possibly being the president and can not handle a PRESS CONFERENCE ?
Now "Joe the Plumber" has had more press conferences then our VP candidate for the Republican party... And boy i bet now McCain wishes he had looked into joe the plumber a bit more before he redirected his campaign to make this "average American" the focus. he sounded pretty DUMB, his name is really Sam and I think he said he is not a plumber! ok I guess I should be happy because McCain must be in trouble if he makes this guy the center now of his media campaign. his more cogent statement was how he hated social security and he already has parents and does not need more parents telling him what to do (ie the government)

So why is it OK for Palin to say Obama is palling around with TERRORISTS? Ayers who is now a university president? he served on some kind of committee in Illinois to help advise what could be done for educational reforms in their state. there were Republicans on this board too, and Obama has mentioned, he was 8 years old when Ayers carried out a bombing which he served in jail for and in the years since, got a PhD and became a professor...ok a negative campaign sucks anyway, but to invoke the word "terrorist" in the same sentence as your opponent?
I am glad Obama does not rise to the occasion and get mad. i am a bit surprised that McCain looked so MEAN and angry in all those cut away shots during the debate. it was like he really had true disdain and had almost CONTEMPT for Obama . If a President can not control his temper or reign in his reactions i do not think i want him negotiating some kind of nuclear weapons showdown with Russia! Don't you need a good poker face as a President?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rest of the story..CNN, etc Do-loops

Ok, all the blogenters start with ok...maybe i can jus write without caps or quotes or even punctuation... Ok again. last post did crashafter many paragraphs just when i began to drop my guard .i never even finished the sentence about the marriage. bet you all thought i was talking about my own marriage... so you think i talk in run on sentences; checkout this blog! trying still to say I have been so impressed with the marriage of many mediums on cnn, and it is almost surreal. i find it fascinating to watch the twitter board on rick sanchez. i mean imagine people writing 150 characters or less, seeming succinct comments ( and obviously a great excersise for me!) scrolling across a huge monitor in real time ( do i detract from my impression of any intelligence with my poor spelling? and by the way if i check it, it crashes) in real time being televised and discussed on television by rick sanchez! it is truly mind blowing and another thing that my mind goes into an infinite do-loop( ahh memories of Basic!) . the telivising of the television ... it reminds me of a cereal box i we had when I was a kid: a box with a picture of a kid on the box sitting at a table eating the cereal with a box of the cereal on the table with a picture of a kid on the box sitting at a table eating the cereal ... well you get the message and finally I have used the dot dot dot properly. i used to sit and stare at the box trying to imagine how many pictures of the box on a box my mind could think of at one time. ok my mind is susceptible to weird do-loops. that is by the way and endless circle of a command from Basic that tells a program to do something and return to the beginning of the task and do it again, and again, and watching rick sanchez on television watch a television posting commend while he sometimes types too... A successful marriage of technologies. a reporter or rather now, a journalist must do more things at once to get our attention and keep it. i guess maybe the average veiwer on CNN is talking on a cell phone by Bluetooth while watching rick sanchez on CNN and typing at the same time on a notebook computer which is on the Internet on the same twitter page that to k sanchez is on being televised on the television ... And then what happens when rick sanchez then televises the comment made by the person watching on television while he posts.... Ok will post so not lost ( why do you say poooost and lost? It should rhyme...)

on the election...twitter ....CNN

Ok so here we go, need to daily write, how can I be a writer if I do not write? How can I have a beautiful bicycle sitting there that I saved money for for a LONG time...and not ride. Here in the desert no longer at 100 degrees and STOL my bum- bum as my daughter says is in bed all day today; and not having fun either..sick to my stomach etc etc... I have tried really hard to stay off the ever never ending topic of headaches and health, or lack of it... Will try.. Or as Yoda says... How come all my sentences contain ALL CAPITAL WORDS. And lots.... And lots of ........ Dot dot dots? What are these called? Miss S you may know. Thank you with all my heart you are my FIRST comment, definantly you warm my heart and for a hangs that is not sarcastic,, NOT sarcastic.

I love CNN and can not seem to get over the marrying or marriage of, sorry my spelling is so shitty... SSS to coin a phrase Spelling So Shitty... Maybe my words will make up for my spelling. I do not know weather wheather? Wether? I love or hate this predictive text system on the iPhone etc. I know it is supposed to help type quickly but it is definantly for me a true circular arguement thing. See, it learns the frequency that one uses on the device. Great huh? Not so if , like me, you have certain words you just DO NOT (here we go again with the parentheses) you MISspell some words consistently !! It will learn the wrong spelling and begin to suggest it! I am going to post this because this keeps crashing and I do not want to lose this potentially award winning blogging....ha ha ( read with sarcastic. Tone)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

win a few post a few

ok i made 2 posts from my iphone and after the new 2.1 software it is still crashing, goes back to main  menu from safari and obliterates the post or whatver you are working on but i am going to try to train dictate and then...well dicate.  Miss S my wonderful friend from the Community Center of St Bernard found my blog and their is nothing on it yet!!!!  Wow that really made me smile, one reader is a reader!  Ok Miss S I will try to write of my thoughts and adventures of daily living to give you something to read, thats the goal, and you can tell me what you think too....long as it is with respect i do not care if you agree or not with me but just do not confuse agreement with understanding or liking with agreement.  ok soon more...promise.  Hey Miss S shuld I put a better picture of my face? This feels like me though, what about the sunset vs the face with cat?  cuz that kind of expresses me too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

in the beginning

wow. about time i put aside the torn notes that never get too far to begin the daily thoughts and musings... Started with twitted now blogspot learn as we go ...