Thursday, October 2, 2008

win a few post a few

ok i made 2 posts from my iphone and after the new 2.1 software it is still crashing, goes back to main  menu from safari and obliterates the post or whatver you are working on but i am going to try to train dictate and then...well dicate.  Miss S my wonderful friend from the Community Center of St Bernard found my blog and their is nothing on it yet!!!!  Wow that really made me smile, one reader is a reader!  Ok Miss S I will try to write of my thoughts and adventures of daily living to give you something to read, thats the goal, and you can tell me what you think too....long as it is with respect i do not care if you agree or not with me but just do not confuse agreement with understanding or liking with agreement.  ok soon more...promise.  Hey Miss S shuld I put a better picture of my face? This feels like me though, what about the sunset vs the face with cat?  cuz that kind of expresses me too.

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  1. Hi Jaime,
    Yay -- you've got a post up, iPod crashes or no iPod crashes!!! I salute your persistance. As for the photo - whatever feels right to you is fine. This is your blog, so enjoy yourself, express yourself and have fun doing it! Looking forward to reading more as you get around to posting it - interesting opinions, random thoughts and the occasional photo will be a treat to look forward to.