Friday, April 1, 2011

Ten Things I Am Learning From My New Cat Therapist

Tori the Kitten That Could
Check out the article that I wrote for my friend Cheryl:  "Ten Things I Am Learning From My New Cat Therapist" .  Cheryl's blog is entitled "My Cat Is My Therapist" and it is a must visit for all you cat lovers out there!  It can be found at

Tori is a special needs kitty!  She arrived for me to "foster" on Thanksgiving Day.  She came for the meal and stayed for life!  She was brought into an Emergency Clinic for euthanasia.  She had probably been hit by a car and her front left leg was completely paralyzed.  She still has nerve damage and can not walk on it, but she uses it and zips around like any other nutty kitten.  She is a joyful addition to our family, and I often wonder at the fact that she may not have been here anymore at all.  The love and sweet moments we get from these precious rescued companions is one of the miracles of life.  Adopt one today!