Thursday, December 4, 2008

Perspectives on Election and Life after NYC

It has been almost 2 weeks since coming home from NYC

I had the wonderful opportunity to learn the NADA(National Acupuncture Detoxification Assoc) acupuncture protocol and treat the patients for my internship at the Lincoln Recovery Center in the South Bronx. I was on the one hand so afraid to go alone daily on the subway and commit to being there at 7:30am daily, and fear that I would always regret it if I did not go. I felt just like I did when I was compelled to take Adriana, my 9 year old daughter and run away from home this summer, most noticeably to New Orleans and a 5000 mile odyssey across the country on I -10.)

The biggest and most amazing surprise about this adventure was the perspective I had on treating the clients at the LRC and the effect on my perspective from being in NYC for THE election. I am sorry for all the typos, I am in so much of a hurry because I am so afraid I will forget what I want to say....just like what drives my interrupting and feeling of desperation in conversation: defiantly a topic for a future entry especially with implications of narcissism and forgot word ?fw egotistic meaning think what I have to say is more important then listening to why is going on...and observations of mother And sisters like myself behavior lessons also in NYC)

I wore my pop art Hope button with the Andy-Warhol like image of Barack Obama in print-like red and blue on black background. This badge of political statement I only found on sale in Union Square where I took the subway every day.

Oh, sorry again for SOC ( stream of consciousness) but I also want to remember to write about poss beginning of novel and explore places to submit short stories series on way to semi auto book and what was cute term I read recently for semi-autobiographical novel. Sure would never call anything "Non Fiction" after what happened to the guy that wrote A Thousand(?) Million(?) little pieces Oops gotta go, how awful to just post an outline of what I want to say... Sorry!

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