Friday, October 17, 2008

Am i the only one?

Am i the only one who cares that Sarah Palin is so close to possibly being the president and can not handle a PRESS CONFERENCE ?
Now "Joe the Plumber" has had more press conferences then our VP candidate for the Republican party... And boy i bet now McCain wishes he had looked into joe the plumber a bit more before he redirected his campaign to make this "average American" the focus. he sounded pretty DUMB, his name is really Sam and I think he said he is not a plumber! ok I guess I should be happy because McCain must be in trouble if he makes this guy the center now of his media campaign. his more cogent statement was how he hated social security and he already has parents and does not need more parents telling him what to do (ie the government)

So why is it OK for Palin to say Obama is palling around with TERRORISTS? Ayers who is now a university president? he served on some kind of committee in Illinois to help advise what could be done for educational reforms in their state. there were Republicans on this board too, and Obama has mentioned, he was 8 years old when Ayers carried out a bombing which he served in jail for and in the years since, got a PhD and became a professor...ok a negative campaign sucks anyway, but to invoke the word "terrorist" in the same sentence as your opponent?
I am glad Obama does not rise to the occasion and get mad. i am a bit surprised that McCain looked so MEAN and angry in all those cut away shots during the debate. it was like he really had true disdain and had almost CONTEMPT for Obama . If a President can not control his temper or reign in his reactions i do not think i want him negotiating some kind of nuclear weapons showdown with Russia! Don't you need a good poker face as a President?


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