Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I must be nuts I took so much time to leave a comment all in RHYME

I was on Twitter and I had signed up to be a part of a tweettogether of Moms. The leader was the owner and founder of a chain of cleaning services across the UK. There was a post about picking or writing catchy slogans, and the blogger asked anyone with any good ideas she could use to please leave a comment... well of course instead of doing 150 things on my list... I was glad to think up a few such as:
"Leave your dust...To Us!"
and the brilliant:
"Letting us clean your grime
Gives you more precious time"
Well, once I started I could not stop,
My mind was working overtime
To churn out rhyme after rhyme
Watch them pop,
It seemed my mind was stuck in some kind of fogger
Maybe all the time recently spent reading Dragonblogger,
It was not the most well written or intellectual of my articles
Here it is though certainly inspired by my breathing millions of dust particles:
"Just a few thoughts written in haste
They may be helpful or a waste
Just stopped by from Twitter and I
Writing from Arizona I wouldn't tell a lie.
Lived in the UK, London , in the past,
That I can talk to you now, what a blast!
This amazing Internet let's me post while you're asleep in bed,
Is utterly fantastic, but so wild it messes with my head!
To bad my huge dirty house can not find a way
To be sent right to you, but that cost I could not pay,
Sigh, it's such a gross, disgusting mess,
I almost wish I was houseless,
If I told you who lives within these walls,
Despite the huge job even you'd ignore my calls.
It's quite a lot to clean up after the dirt, poop and pee,
From 5 dogs, 12 cats, my child, hubby and me!

OK, if you are still there.. leave me a comment please
I beg you help me stop this rhyming I'm on my knees!


  1. Thanks for the mention, getting pretty good on the rhyming, so do you think of it on the spot, or use some help?

  2. Hi there,

    I am always happy to oblidge, I am often prone to start also getting a little poetic with my words with rhyming lines and poetic lines!

    You have a interesting little blog going here yourself, keep up the good work.