Monday, December 8, 2008

To my dear friend Georgia Ross continued

So, I finally called you.  Dear Georgia your phone was disconnected. I sent a positive prayer to you, and called the mobile number.  You told me your house burned in a fire on Thanksgiving day and you lost your cats.  You had not yet recovered from Katrina, the Hurticane.  You are an artiste extraordinaire and since 1989 you have worked on each and every corner of that house.  Every where you looked a beautiful composition delighted the eye; a picture just so above an antique bench and a vase on the floor; everywhere in that house, each element carefully chosen to complete the aesthetic.  It all appeared casual, but it was clear to me an artist touch was everywhere, each vision like a beautiful still life; super real and whimsical just like your own paintings.  And much of it now gone. You said you were putting one foot in front of the other and doing what you needed to do.  I am so proud of you; honored to be your friend.  You are a strong woman; maybe the strongest I know.  You are resolute, firm in your faith you walk your walk and talk the talk.  No Lip service; you are seeing this through with strict faith in your beliefs.  I admire you.

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