Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rest of the story..CNN, etc Do-loops

Ok, all the blogenters start with ok...maybe i can jus write without caps or quotes or even punctuation... Ok again. last post did crashafter many paragraphs just when i began to drop my guard .i never even finished the sentence about the marriage. bet you all thought i was talking about my own marriage... so you think i talk in run on sentences; checkout this blog! trying still to say I have been so impressed with the marriage of many mediums on cnn, and it is almost surreal. i find it fascinating to watch the twitter board on rick sanchez. i mean imagine people writing 150 characters or less, seeming succinct comments ( and obviously a great excersise for me!) scrolling across a huge monitor in real time ( do i detract from my impression of any intelligence with my poor spelling? and by the way if i check it, it crashes) in real time being televised and discussed on television by rick sanchez! it is truly mind blowing and another thing that my mind goes into an infinite do-loop( ahh memories of Basic!) . the telivising of the television ... it reminds me of a cereal box i we had when I was a kid: a box with a picture of a kid on the box sitting at a table eating the cereal with a box of the cereal on the table with a picture of a kid on the box sitting at a table eating the cereal ... well you get the message and finally I have used the dot dot dot properly. i used to sit and stare at the box trying to imagine how many pictures of the box on a box my mind could think of at one time. ok my mind is susceptible to weird do-loops. that is by the way and endless circle of a command from Basic that tells a program to do something and return to the beginning of the task and do it again, and again, and watching rick sanchez on television watch a television posting commend while he sometimes types too... A successful marriage of technologies. a reporter or rather now, a journalist must do more things at once to get our attention and keep it. i guess maybe the average veiwer on CNN is talking on a cell phone by Bluetooth while watching rick sanchez on CNN and typing at the same time on a notebook computer which is on the Internet on the same twitter page that to k sanchez is on being televised on the television ... And then what happens when rick sanchez then televises the comment made by the person watching on television while he posts.... Ok will post so not lost ( why do you say poooost and lost? It should rhyme...)

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