Friday, December 12, 2008

Thoughts on The Blog and The Beautiful

The peacock is so beautiful.  I think he knows it too.  This one was following me at the Bronx Zoo.  Then a bunch of people started following him following me.  It was weird.  I just kept stopping to put my hand down and he would peck at it.  I started doing this because I assumed he was following me because he thought that I had something to feed him and he was obviously used to seeing a human as a snack machine.  So, I thought, if I put my hand down and let him peck at it and see that there was nothing in it, he would lose interest and stop following me.  He followed me for a good 20 minutes across almost the entire zoo.  Every few minutes I stopped, he pecked on my empty hand, and we took off again.   I was embarrassed because every time we stopped someone else followed him.  The zoo was not too crowded on this wintry November, donation Wed.  But still, after a half an hour or so, there were about 20 assorted grown ups and kids following me.  Most of them were tourists that did not speak English.  I tried in pigeon (oops, Peacock?) German, Polish, French and Spanish to say "I do not have any food for him".  Two boys in their tweens did speak Spanish and they smiled at me and nodded and kept following me.  I wanted to take a picture of everyone following me, but I was too embarrassed.  I guess the Peacock thought I was beautiful, even if I did not know how to cook.

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