Monday, December 8, 2008

To my dear friend Georgia Ross

To my dear friend Georgia Ross,

You are my hero today.  I had a nightmare about you drowning for a few nights.  I was afraid to call you.  I called Steve and was troubled to find out the Community Center of St Bernard was going to be closed uring the week we were coming to volunteer.  I was also mystified, What were Adriana and Tom and I going to do without the option of showing up every day at the Center and just doing what needed to be done there?  My mental picture of this return trip was somehow wrong.  Adriana would not be able again to bring Art Supplies and have big glitter glue and Origami sessions with the kids of the Parish while their Moms or Dads applied for food stamps.  I told Steve we would find another place to volunteer as there is no shortage of need.  He said he had to cook at Camp Hope on the weekends, and to make sure we would be there by the 21st so we could help with his big Parish dinner and Adriana could play Santa and help hand out presents for the kids,  I wondered what God had in mind for us this time.

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