Thursday, October 16, 2008

on the election...twitter ....CNN

Ok so here we go, need to daily write, how can I be a writer if I do not write? How can I have a beautiful bicycle sitting there that I saved money for for a LONG time...and not ride. Here in the desert no longer at 100 degrees and STOL my bum- bum as my daughter says is in bed all day today; and not having fun either..sick to my stomach etc etc... I have tried really hard to stay off the ever never ending topic of headaches and health, or lack of it... Will try.. Or as Yoda says... How come all my sentences contain ALL CAPITAL WORDS. And lots.... And lots of ........ Dot dot dots? What are these called? Miss S you may know. Thank you with all my heart you are my FIRST comment, definantly you warm my heart and for a hangs that is not sarcastic,, NOT sarcastic.

I love CNN and can not seem to get over the marrying or marriage of, sorry my spelling is so shitty... SSS to coin a phrase Spelling So Shitty... Maybe my words will make up for my spelling. I do not know weather wheather? Wether? I love or hate this predictive text system on the iPhone etc. I know it is supposed to help type quickly but it is definantly for me a true circular arguement thing. See, it learns the frequency that one uses on the device. Great huh? Not so if , like me, you have certain words you just DO NOT (here we go again with the parentheses) you MISspell some words consistently !! It will learn the wrong spelling and begin to suggest it! I am going to post this because this keeps crashing and I do not want to lose this potentially award winning blogging....ha ha ( read with sarcastic. Tone)

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  1. Hi Jaime -
    Finally getting a moment to check in! The ... is an ellipsis and if you end a sentence with one you need the final period, too, so it's dot-dot-dot-dot. Not trying to be pedantic - just found it amusing that a political post was quite literally so dot-ty!

    Interested in your thoughts on the national election, though I must confess a lot of my attention is on the local NOLA campaigns. Still can't get over Congressman William Jefferson - personally indicted on 16 charges of corruption by a federal grand jury (with additional counts facing his immediate family members) AND HE STILL TOOK FIRST PLACE IN THE PRIMARY ELECTIONS LAST MONTH! Ok, so how bad will he have to be before people here actually stop voting for him????? Anyway if you want the complete details, but I hope you can find more pleasant ways to spend your time.