Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Jasper

You are an angel now.
A Kittizen of Heaven.......
Do you remember your song?
Jasper, Jasper (sung to the tune of "Inchworm")
Jaspering the Jaspering,
Jaspering the Jaspering,
How beautiful you are!

your person love(s)(ed)
you to all eternity.  
She may feel bereft and bombarded with this life's cruelty,
Karmic reports of my own near death allowed me to see what is important.  
Also the unseen in this dimension, those that wait for us.  Those that share our journey close again.  Love flows from now until then before and after.  You are now part of the two and four-legged, side by side, waiting for us.  Sweet, strong beautiful Jasper.  Your antics delighted, your intelligence unnerving, your gaze over steady.  Too intelligent to fit into that simple pet category, rather a true friend beyond the species limit.  Love to you, Love to Georgia,Love to the later when we will all be present for each other.  The love remains.

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