Sunday, January 4, 2009

Morning Breath

Morning Breath

One nice thing about your dogs, birds, and cats,
They will always run for morning hugs and pats.
You don't have to worry about morning breath,
Even if exhaling caused spouses' death.
Your mouth could smell like green, infested, pond scum,
Overlayed with a hint of last night's cheap rum,
And a note of neglected Boy's toilet bowl.
Still, your pets' affections will come without toll,
Even if your mouth could be cause for divorce.
As long as the first deed of the day of course,
Is to fill all their bowls with breakfast, post haste,
Or they will not allow your morning's embrace.
If you relieve yourself in the bathroom first,
You will be lonely and sad causing tears to burst.
As it comes quickly to your mind's detection,
Your day will have only human affection!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, this is funny. If only I could return the favor - not avoid my dog's kisses on days like today when he scarfed down several licks of something I did not recognize before I cold pull his nose from the grass!