Friday, August 28, 2009

Gratitude for hospice4animals

I am very grateful for the amazing events of the this last week.  I would not normally put my picture here, but I want to smile at you if you stop by.  I have begun to be an Editor for  Veterinary Medicine at specializing in Pet Loss and Grief, Euthanasia Issues, End of Life Care, and Veterinary Hospice.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to reach a larger audience and help more people deal with the very tough decisions surrounding the end of life.  I am also very grateful to all who wrote and are writing, about the article that follows "Why is it so hard when a pet dies?".  It has touched a nerve or struck a chord depending on your perspective.  I have been overwhelmed by the response and struck by their similairities.  MANY people need better ways to grieve for their pets, and memorialize them.  I do too.  I think we need more Pet Chaplains to mediate a Memorial Service, perhaps a PetWake .  We should light candles, honor our losses and then CELEBRATE the life of our pet.  If you have a friend who has just lost a pet, offer to coordinate a small PetWake.  Animals present, we gather to honor the life of the pet.  We tell funny stories, share music, say some special prayers, and then all pledge out loud how we are going to help animals by volunteering in the name and honor our fur friend.  Or how about a National Pet Remembrance Day? I am also grateful for the BEST summary on Veterinary Hospice by Rochelle Lesser at Land of Pure Gold a Canine Cancer Foundation Lastly I am grateful for the Second International Symposium on Veterinary Hospice and Palliative Care September 4-7 at the UCDavis College of Veterinary Medicine.  You heard it here first:  I will BLOG live here, TWEET live, and REPORT at (above).  Check here for great ideas and info as well as the Animal Remembrance Ceremony, holistic approaches to Hospice, and much more.  In Gratitude for the Anipals, xxxjmedvm


  1. Dr. Glasser, we just got introduced to your blog via Rochelle at Land of Pure Gold, and wanted to say hello. Thanks for creating a blog that touches on a subject many of our members at, a resource for three legged dogs (many of whom are battling terminal cancer) need help understanding and coping with.

    If you are ever interested in creating a guest blog post or doing a live chat on our website, please contact us, we would be so happy to have you as a guest.

    Thanks so much, keep up the great work.

    -Rene, Jim & Spirit Dog Jerry

  2. Hey there,
    I havn't talked to you for a few years but would love to keep in touch! Good to see that you are doing well! Are you on facebook? Margey (Formerly with Best Friends Petsitting)
    If you are on Facebook add me!
    You can send me a message on there.

  3. Hi Jaime- I am so thrilled to have your help on the Veterinary Medicine Forums ( on the issues of hospice care, euthanasia and pet loss grief. You are doing an awesome job!

    This is the number one question or concern that so many people have, and it always helps to talk (or in this case type) about it.

    Thank you,